Some time ago, my favorite rye bread from Paramount Bakeries disappeared from the shelves of my local Giant. I was told it was because of a recall. The bread has not returned. I’ve since read on their Facebook page that they are expanding their bakery and that would cause disruptions. I’m still holding out hope that their bread will be available at local stores again, but I’m happy to say I have finally found a suitable replacement. Hyattsville, MD-based Capital Baking Company – who have no web presence that I have been able to find – make an excellent rye bread that I discovered at Harris Teeter when I was going some grocery shopping in the middle of the night. I only found it because Harris Teeter is the only store open at 3:30AM, but I’m really glad I did. I guess I’ll be shopping at Harris Teeter more frequently for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately that store is not in reasonable walking distance, so I need to drive there. I love being able to walk to Giant. Can’t have everything, I guess.


New Orleans

I really enjoyed my time in New Orleans. I didn’t think about work or any of the other things I normally worry about, which was nice. Also, although I didn’t approach it that way, i think it may be the first city I’ve found in the US that could be a relaxation destination for me, rather than a “do all the things” destination, if that makes any sense.


The food was great. I planned meals at three nice restaurants: Brennan’s, Muriel’s, and Irene’s. All of them were great, but the top spot goes to Irene’s. I will definitely go back there next trip. I might also return to Brennan’s, but Muriel’s I will probably pass on next time.

Other food notes:

Skip steaks. Not because you can’t get a good one, but because you can get a good steak anyplace. Focus on what can only be had in NOLA.

Eat more oysters. I had a great oyster appetizer at Irene’s. Char-grilled oysters and fried oysters at Felix’s were among the most satisfying things I ate the whole trip. Will definitely hit up Felix’s again. I also hear Acme is good, but there’s always a line.

Eat more gumbo. Brennan’s had good seafood gumbo, and so did Felix’s. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a bad one.

Eat more Muffulettas. My biggest regret from the trip is only had one. It’s the only one I’ve ever had. I got mine at Napoleon House. I used a thrills article to guide my choice. If were gonna try another place next time, I’d probably do Frank’s. But Napoleon House has that Pimm’s Cup.

Eat More beignets. Next time, Cafe du Monde every day.

Po-Boys are awesome. Eat them. Have a roast beef one for sure. With a fried oyster po-boy you can also meet the oyster requirement. NOLA Poboys on Bourbon street is open until 4AM on weekends, which is useful to know if your worried about a po-boy for muffuletta trade-off. Eat the muff for lunch, and save the po-boy for drunk time.

Night Life:

Next time, don’t feel ill on goth night.

Do a vampire tour one night.

All other nights: Find out if there is burlesque somewhere. If so, then go. If not, or if you’d have enough, go to the Marigny and find live music. There was no cover any place I went, you just had to order a drink or a food item during each set.

Aunt Tiki’s is a 24-hour dive bar on Decatur Street. It is awesome. IF you just want to drink, go there. Molly’s at the Market, also on Decatur is good, too.


I’d return to the NOLA Museum of Art, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, the Museums by the Cathedral, and the Pharmacy Museum. Also, take part of one day to go from one end of Royal Street and back going to all the galleries. Also, go to a cemetery. I went to St. Louis No. 3 because it was on the way to NOMA, and St. Louis No. 2 because it was close to my hotel. I didn’t go to St. Louis No. 1, because you need a tour guide and it costs money to visit and paying admission for a cemetery just feels weird to me because reasons.

Maybe it was because I watched it too late in life, but the movie Fight Club didn’t really do it for me. Whatever “it” is. The only part that’s ever really spoken to me is that line about people “working job they hate to buy shit they don’t need.” I don’t hate my job, but I feel the fuck out of the “shit they don’t need” bit. I need to purge more possessions.


When I woke up, it was from a bad dream. I have to go to a funeral. But today will be a good day. I can feel it.

Breakfast, 7/23/2016

All-American Dinner

Dinner, 7/4/2016



Something Different

Breakfast, 7/3/2016

Today, I stepped out of my food comfort zone and fried my eggs sunny side up. They were OK, but I definitely still prefer my eggs over easy. So next weekend I will be back to my old standby.


Dinner, 6/27/2016

I tried to approximate Mom’s meatloaf tonight. I can’t actually make Mom’s meatloaf, because the recipe is lost to us. I know the binder mom used u=involved milk and breadcrumbs and there was poultry seasoning (I know, WTF, right?) in the recipe, but I have no clue what the exact proportions were. So tonight I used an egg for a binder and improvised. It tastes pretty good, but I had my proportions off. Too much onion and bell pepper for the amount of ground beef I had. Also next time I may cook it a little longer at a lower temperature. I should probably get myself a meat thermometer at some point.